Elements For Modern Living

We create elements for modern living out of the finest U.S. sourced materials that are both bold and beautiful.

Current Kickstarter Campaign

MOX elements that are currently available for purchase via Kickstarter

The MOX R1 is an aluminum wallet, inspired by aerospace technology, made from a solid block of aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum and finished to a military grade specification. All of which is sourced, fabricated, machined and finished in the USA. To be frank, it's simply beautiful and incredibly strong.

R1 Mox Orange$35

R1 Graphite$35

R1 Purple$35

R1 Silver$35

R1 Elastic Options

Collar Stays$10

Sourced in the USA
— 100% USA —

We're 100% made in the USA. To ensure a quality product that will last a lifetime, we've also carefully selected manufacturers that specialize in metal oxide fabrication, machining and finishing. We're confident you'll see and feel the difference.

Return & Reuse Program
— Enjoy, repeat —

Feel like a change? Simply return your MOX R1 to us and for a $10 fee we'll refinish your wallet with your new selected color and finish. Our products are made from the finest recylable materials that are both beautiful and reusable.

Our Mission
— our dream —

MOX was born out of a passion to create stunning elements out of everyday items. We're building our MOX Elements™ line from the ground up, working to perfectly balance aesthetics and functionality without compromise.